Beautiful lights show on Shenzhen’s 40th Anniversary from its journey from fishing village to metropolis

Today I am lucky to be part of the celebrations of Shenzhen’s 40th Anniversary as I just viewed the beautiful lights show ( 深圳特区改革开放40周年灯光Shows )  at Shenzhen Civic Center ( 深圳市民中心 )

Basically the show is about the beautiful integration of lighting systems at a selected place in Shenzhen. The below video is the capture of the show which I just visited.

This show is also from LianHua mountain ( 莲花山 ) which has a beautiful view of Lights show on tall Shenzhen Skyscrapers. – YouTube video for the view from LianHua Mountain

As I look in terms of Engineering sense, I see this kind of show needed a lot of integration between the lighting systems between different buildings. The interesting aspect I observed in the show where the aquatic life been shown, fishes move from one building to another and I feel it is a technical masterpiece. Watch the complete video to have the sense of what I just commented.

Details of the show as below

灯光工程。时间:6.30–7.5每晚7:00-10:00,最佳观看点:莲花山和市民中心。Lights Show. June 30-July 5 – 2018, the best observation point is Lianhua Mountain or Shenzhen Citizen Center.

How to reach Shenzhen Civic Center? 

Take Subway line and  reach Futian subway station, exit from 15no. exit and you will reach Civic center.

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