Opinion / Travel : Cashless payments at Hangzhou east railway station ticket counter

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Today I am in Hangzhou, which is been regarded as a Heaven in China for this long weekend due to the new year holiday. While at the railway ticket counter, I see the payments been made without cash. I thought to share my experience on this context of cashless payments in China and also my […]

Electric vehicles

Selling electric vehicle charging services cannot be a financially viable business

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Confused? Yes, I mean it. Selling Electric vehicle Charging services cannot be a financially viable business opportunity and need more! To understand more, let’s go into details about the Charging solutions. A study on EV infrastructure in the USA says 60~80% of electric vehicle owners use home chargers who charge overnight, 30~40% use workplace charging […]

Smart City

How do you we fulfil our dream to have a smart life ?

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  Who don’t want to lead a smart life ? By smart life it doesn’t mean only to a smart personal life but also about the surroundings like your colony, transportation, city you will live in and the nation you are from. Indian government has identified 100 cities to make them smart and I thought […]