Smart House

Tour of our balcony garden | Gardening for kids | Plant a tree | Hobbies during COVID

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naman uriti mini balcony tour

#balconygarden #gardeningforkids #plantatree lockdown   Hello friends, during the last few months of COVID lockdown time, most of the kids stayed at the home and having online classes. So I used this time for developing a new hobby which helped me use my time well. we bought some soil, compost, various vegetable, and flower seeds. […]

Smart City

How do you we fulfil our dream to have a smart life ?

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smart city photography

  Who don’t want to lead a smart life ? By smart life it doesn’t mean only to a smart personal life but also about the surroundings like your colony, transportation, city you will live in and the nation you are from. Indian government has identified 100 cities to make them smart and I thought […]