Difference between PMSM and BLDC Motors

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Difference between PMDC and BLDC Motors

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An overview of bicycle sharing business in India and China

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Three years ago I saw people unlocking bicycles using their smartphone and ride it and then lock it in a parking place. In no time someone else unlocked the bicycle and left the place. I was surprised to see this and very curious to know what’s going on. What are these bicycles and how people […]

Opinions link shortening and earning money. Is it real or fake? I just tried it. see what happend!

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Just spotted a few videos where many YouTubers saying that the link shortening website is very legitimate and also they earned money out by shortening their own website pages. I was very curious to see how just by shortening our own weblink is earning money for us? Then thought of trying this Introduction about […]

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Selling electric vehicle charging services cannot be a financially viable business

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Confused? Yes, I mean it. Selling Electric vehicle Charging services cannot be a financially viable business opportunity and need more! To understand more, let’s go into details about the Charging solutions. A study on EV infrastructure in the USA says 60~80% of electric vehicle owners use home chargers who charge overnight, 30~40% use workplace charging […]

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Plan for all-electric cars by 2030 not viable by Mercedes chief, my thoughts

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Inside BYD electric vehicle

Does this mean ” Who killed the electric car ? ” gonna repeat again ? I agree that 2030 is an ambitious target for Indian market where still no significant growth in the companies related to electric vehicles, components and infrastructure. Keeping latest pollution norms into consideration and provided automotive sector is the major contributor […]