Difference between PMSM and BLDC Motors

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Difference between PMDC and BLDC Motors

Don’t forget to comment below with your solutions to this problem. Stay tuned for more articles on Electric vehicles and Technology articles If any suggestions or questions, Don’t hesitate to message me on any of the below social media sites, I would answer you soon. Twitter – @umkev  Facebook – Instagram – @umkev  Weibo – @umkev YouTube – […]

Electric vehicles

Trump calls For The Elimination Of EV Tax Credit and its impact on Global EV business – my thoughts

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electric car

I see a future where American companies lead the world in the production of hybrid plug-in cars and electric vehicles. – Bernie Sanders On contrary to the above quote, Today while browsing the news, I read the headlines about the elimination of EV tax credit and it is surprising to see in one of the […]

Language learning

Learn how to say “ Happy new year “ in Chinese

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Chinese new year is coming soon! If you have Chinese friends, you must learn how to wish them in Chinese and this post helps you with it. After reading the post and watching the below videos, you will be able to learn how to wish your Chinese friends a happy new year in their language. Here you will learn the below vocabulary and also can learn type the Chinese PinYin in your mobile phone and send the […]

Electric vehicles

Is electric mobility becoming more ” personal ” ?

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Zontes City Go electric bike from Guangdong Tayo motor cycle technology co ltd

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” Sherlock Holmes author, Arthur Conan Doyle, Scientific American, 1896 There was a time […]


Do you enjoy cycling on a beach road ? Try YangMeiKeng in Dapeng Shenzhen !

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Have you ever thought of cycling on an empty beach road? Have you ever thought of a peaceful ride with the pleasant and relaxing sounds of  beach ? Try YangMeiKeng ( (Chinese:杨梅坑)  in Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen. No doubt you will enjoy it! Beautiful beach I didn’t even planned to visit this place when I have backpacked […]