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Two Characters which give you a feel Chinese is logical to learn, here they are !

Snip20171203 18 - Two Characters which give you a feel Chinese is logical to learn, here they are !
1x1.trans - Two Characters which give you a feel Chinese is logical to learn, here they are !

We know Chinese is complex language but as we go ahead in our Learning Chinese series, we will talk more of logical side first which helps you learn some interesting characters which combines with various verbs and nouns to give different meanings and improves your daily life vocabulary level quickly.

Let me list out some cool characters which are very easy to learn and combining them with different other characters can give you a very logical meaning of the complete word. I love these two characters – Shàng ( 上 )& Xià ( 下 ), see the magic of Chinese with just combining these words with as many words leading to different meanings. Trying to compile as many word combinations for you start with you learning and remember easily.


1.Shàng ( 上 )as first character

Actual meaning of 上 is on top/ upon / above / upper / previous / first ( of multiple parts ) / to climb / to go up / to attend ( class or university ) / to go to

Combing 上 with the below characters will give various meanings

  • 上 (Shàng)+ 班 (Bān )= 上班 ( Going to work )
  • 上 (Shàng) +楼 (Lóu ) = 上楼 ( Going upstairs )
  • 上 (Shàng) + 课 ( kè )= 上课( Attending a class )
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 去 ( Qù )= 上去( to go up)
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 路( Lù )= 上路( to go on the road)
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 车( Chē)= 上车( get into the car)
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 面 ( Miàn)= 上面 ( On the top of )
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 来( Lái)= 上来( to go up)
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 午(Wǔ)= 上午( morning)
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 学(Xué)= 上学( to go to school)
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 门(Mén)= 上门( to drop in/ to visit)
  • 上 (Shàng)+ 半(Bàn)= 上半( first half)

Shàng ( 上 )as second character

  • 楼 (Lóu )+上 (Shàng) = 楼上( in upstairs )
  • 路( Lù )+ 上 (Shàng) = 路上(on the road)
  • 早 (Zǎo ) + 上 (Shàng) = 早上(Early Morning)
  • 晚 ( Wǎn)+ 上 (Shàng) = 晚上 (Evening / night )
  • 桌子(Zhuōzi )+ 上 (Shàng) = 桌子上 (on the table)
  • 椅子 (Yǐzi)+ + 上 (Shàng) = 椅子上 (on the chair)
  • 马 ( Mǎ ) + 上 (Shàng) = 马上 ( “on horse” but generally used for immediately / right away )
  • 天(Tiān)+ + 上 (Shàng) =天上 (on the sky , actual meaning is celestial / heavenly)
  • 台 (Tái ) + 上 (Shàng) =台上 ( on the stage )
  • 街(Jiē) + 上 (Shàng) =街上 ( on the street / in town)
  • 加(Jiā) + 上 (Shàng) =加上 ( Plus / to add)
  • 海(Hǎi) + 上 (Shàng) =海上 ( maritime)
  • 网 (Wǎng) + 上 (Shàng) =网上 ( online)
  • 床 (Chuáng) + 上 (Shàng) =床上 ( on the bed)
  • 穿 (Chuān)+ 上 (Shàng) =穿上 ( to wear)

2.Xià (下 )as first character

Actual meaning of 下 is down / downwards / below / lower / later / next / second ( of two parts ) / to decline

Combing 下 with the below characters will give various meanings

  • 下 (Xià)(下 ) + 班 (Bān )= 下班 ( Off work )
  • 下 (Xià+楼 (Lóu )= 下楼 ( Going downstairs )
  • 下 (Xià+ 课 ( kè )= 下课( Getting off a class )
  • 下 (Xià)+ 去 (Qù )= 下去( to go down)
  • 下 (Xià)+ 路( Lù )= 下路(to get off the road)
  • 下 (Xià)+ 车( Chē )= 下车( get off the car )
  • 下 (Xià)+ 面 ( Miàn ) = 下面 ( under/ below the )
  • 下 (Xià)+ 来( Lái)= 下来( to go down)
  • 下 (Xià)+ 午(Wǔ)= 下午( after noon)
  • 下 (Xià)+ 台 (Tái) = 下台( off stage)
  • 下 (Xià)+ 雪 (Xuě) = 下雪( snow fall)
  • 下 (Xià)+ 雨 (Yǔ) = 下雨( raining)
  • 下 (Xià)+ 单(Dān) = 下单(place an order )
  • 下 (Xià)+ 月(Yuè) = 下月(next month )

Xià (下 )as second character

  • 楼 (Lóu )+ 下 (Xià= 楼下( in downstairs )
  • 桌子(Zhuōzi )+ 下 (Xià= 桌子下 (under the table)
  • 椅子 (Yǐzi)+ + 下 (Xià= 椅子下 (under the chair)
  • 躺 (Tǎng )+ 下 (Xià= 躺下( to lie down)
  • 丢 ( Diū) + 下 (Xià) = 丢下 ( to abandon )
  • 掉( Diào) + 下 (Xià) = 掉下 ( to dropdown)
  • 南( Nán) + 下 (Xià) = 南下 ( to go down south)

Though there are many more combinations are available, I would stop till this point for simplicity. These words are very important in daily life. The above way is the way which I remember Chinese words and this way helped me a lot.

Interesting isn’t it ? Keep your spirits high while learning Chinese!. I assure you will enjoy learning Chinese as you go on the tips I share with you in this blog.

More articles to come on Learn Chinese !

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