Is electric mobility becoming more ” personal ” ?

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” Sherlock Holmes author, Arthur Conan Doyle, Scientific American, 1896

There was a time when we were using a cycle for two or more people going together. As technology is advancing, personal transportation is transforming into more personal. With the advent of motor and electronics lead to the evolution of electric bike.

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In this article, I would like to share some electric bikes which are more of personal transportation and look different from conventional e-bikes we have been seeing. With “more personal“, I mean no-pillion electric mobility solutions which are becoming more and more popular these days.

Before e-bike era, We know the standard personal transportation include bicycles, Segways, skateboards which were human powered. Post e-bike era has leveraged and lead to evolving the electric version of skateboards, bicycles and balance wheels. Nowadays the product innovation is moving towards packaging to make the mobility more portable for using in last mile transportation. For instance,  Skateboards and balance wheels are packaged into backpacks for easing their handling.

There are many more products like electric Segways, balance wheels, electric hoverboards, traditional electric bikes displayed in this event, but I limited myself to the below vehicles which caught my attention their stylish design and technology.

Zontes CityGo, as per their catalogue says it is not more than 17kg weight due to its all aluminium

alloy frame, 50 units of powerful 18650 lithium battery with each capacity of 2900mAh, the endurance

Zontes City Go electric bike from Guangdong Tayo motor cycle technology co ltd
Zontes City Go electric bike from Guangdong Tayo motor cycle technology co ltd

mileage under normal load condition can achieve to 100km. There is an interesting feature, perhaps a theft protective feature using its Bluetooth 4.0 technology, where the bike will be in sleep mode when you take out the instrument for over 3 meters. The Brushless DC motor drivetrain is built-in motor gearbox without the chain and no noise for brakes with auto-power cut while braking to protect the motor. The electric bike retail price in China is around 7888 RMB ( 1250 USD ). The bicycle can withstand 120 kgs load, with 25kmph maximum speed.

Seevbee folding bike, with four stages of packaging like trailing state, folded, parking and full open condition. With a total weight of 15kgs including battery,

Seevbee folding electric bike from ChongQing Seev Science and Technology co ltd
Seevbee folding electric bike from ChongQing Seev Science and Technology co ltd

the bike has a maximum speed of 35km/hr and climbing ability of 5deg with its DC Brushless motor power of 180W. The company boasts this bike as a lightweight, minimized size to the extreme when folded, well-designed structure

 ensure comfortable riding, reliable braking structure and high strength structure. My personal observation while it is folding, I feel this is still not user-friendly and product needed to be improved in terms of folding and unfolding ease and experience.  The video of the unfolding of this electric bike in my youtube channel – Click here


AIHI Self balancing vehicle, a variant of the self-balancing wheel with a handle and a seat for the driver to sit. This has the features like accelerator, lifted up protection, falling protection, over speed protection,

AIHI Self balancing vehicle by Chengdu AIHI Technology
AIHI Self balancing vehicle by Chengdu AIHI Technology

soft start, waterproof, foldable pedal and low power protection. Equipped with 800W/60V motor, the vehicle has weight carrying capacity of 100kg, 25 km range per charge at a maximum speed of 15 kmph and a grade ability of 15 deg. The retail price of this vehicle in China is 3999 RMB which is approximately 630 USD.

Video on my youtube channel on its operation – Click here

Sharing a video where I was driving this vehicle on my Channel – Click here ( a bad driving of course )

This vehicle is a variant from the below electric unicycles with handlebar throttle and seat for the rider to sit.

Electric Unicycles

China KingSong Unicycle with Hub Motor
China KingSong Unicycle with Hub Motor

Electric unicycle is becoming prominent in the personal transportation sector, where one can just carry it using a backpack bag and helping to solve the last mile transportation. An electric unicycle (EUC) is a one-wheel scooter which is normally used for personal transportation especially commuting and leisure. A self-balancing electric unicycle is usually made up of one wheel instead of two wheels.

Motor power starting from 200W till few thousands of watts. These vehicles use hub motors with the pressure sensor which drives the motor based on the rider foot pressure signals. They’re faster, have better range and can take more weight when compared to their counterparts hoverboards.

Check out the pictures of various electric mobility solutions at 123rd Canton Fair 2018

Electric Mobility In Canton Fair 2018

What do you think is this a Suitcase or an electric bike ?
What do you think ? Is this a Suitcase or an electric bike? 

My thoughts are that no doubt that electric mobility is the future but the players who add portability to their existing products are more likely to catch up their share in the personal transportation sector. Though these vehicles not catching up the speed of the conventional e-bike products, advantages are that they are less likely to be stolen, handy & portable to be carried into subways, moreover helps for last mile transportation without parking anywhere. Just fold your bike when not in use, unfold your bike while using it. 

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