Get lost in the beauty of Nature at OCT East Shenzhen

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you – Frank Lloyd Wright

Overseas Chinese Town East ( 东部华侨城 -Dōngbù huáqiáochéng) popularly known as OCT East is a large

Activities in OCT east Shenzhen
Activities in OCT East Shenzhen

ecological resort with a natural landscape and entertainment facilities and can be the best place to visit during a weekend. OCT is a large area with natural landscapes, theme parks, small towns mocked up as western and oriental styles and lots of entertainment facilities. It is recommended for relaxation, vacation, sightseeing tour, outdoor sports and science popularizing education. Hence I personally suggest plan a complete day and make sure it is not a sunny day. I luckily visited on a cloudy day and this article shares my experience during the day. If it is a weekend or public holiday, it is suggested to reach early as there will be a huge crowd and long queue for buying the ticket.

Shenzhen OCT East

There are outdoor adventure sports like Typhoon rescue, Roaring flood, Jungle cart, Wooden coaster, Discovery square and simulation theatre. I personally didn’t go for these rides but I can see people shouting with excitement while on these rides. I visited the simulation theatre where you will be given  3D glasses and the sit in the theatre where the ride begins. I had an awesome experience even I know it is not the real and just a simulation. Thanks to virtual reality technology.

Beautiful Water fall at Shenzhen Oct East
Waterfall at Shenzhen Oct East

Beautiful waterfall in OCT east gives a pleasant experience with the huge spray of water droplets that fill the air surrounding it. The relaxing sound of the waterfall definitely gives an awesome experience- Click here for Video

Flamingo part at OCT East Shenzhen
The flamingo part at OCT East Shenzhen

As you go deeper inside OCT east, you can find Flamingo valley and also bird’s sanctuary.  In the bird’s sanctuary, there is a bird’s show where various kinds of birds perform interesting activities like dancing, cycling, picking the garbage etc. – Click here for video

The exciting part was going to Knight valley using ropeway. The day was so cloudy that the feel was I was actually touching the clouds at the peak of the mountain. If not a cloudy day, we can see the bird’s view of whole OCT east from the peak with a lot of greenery and beautiful landscapes.

At the peak, with an altitude of 480m, Yunding Sightseeing area of Knight valley gives a bird’s view of the whole

Transparent glass bridge at the cliff of knight valley OCT east
Transparent glass bridge at the cliff of knight valley OCT east

OCT East with a cliff booster at such a height will be really an awesome experience. Imagine sitting in a swirling flying wheel at such a peak.

In addition, walking on the peak platform with transparent glass platform which is extending beyond the cliff is certainly a nerve wrecking condition but one should experience this.

Overall I personally suggest visiting the place while you are in Shenzhen.

How to reach OCT east? 

Take Subway line 2 ( Shekou line), reach XiXiu subway station, walk about 900m to reach Luohu TiYuGuan 1 Bus stop and take PJ23 bus DongBu HuaQia0Cheng ZongZhan and you will reach OCT East.

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