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Learn how to say “ Happy new year “ in Chinese

Chinese new year is coming soon! If you have Chinese friends, you must learn how to wish them in Chinese and this post helps you with it. After reading the post and watching the below videos, you will be able to learn how to wish your Chinese friends a happy new year in their language.

Here you will learn the below vocabulary and also can learn type the Chinese PinYin in your mobile phone and send the greetings in Chinese.

  1. Happy new year
  2. Happy spring festival and many more!

The above video gives the on the basic PinYin, tones and building blocks required for you to learn to wish your Chinese friends.  

Download the pdf of the presentation – Click here

To learn how to type ” Happy new year ” in the Chinese language, check out my another video


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Please make sure you downloaded Written Chinese or Pleco first before trying this. Based on my experience, I suggest the beginner must start with an electronic way of writing the characters. Basically using dictionary apps and practice until you learn and identify the word.

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You are now following the Chinese language learning series – ” Learn one word at a time“, where one post is dedicated to teaching one word at a time with all related details in the sense – PinYin / Character level meanings/usage in sentences, writing pattern for each character. First series would be HSK level 1 series which has 150 words to learn.  

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