Are you interested in learning new languages ?

Have you ever visited a place which has a different language and culture ? By any chance did you try to learn few words of the local language and showed off your language skills before the native speakers ? Just try and see the magic!

In my personal experience, when ever one visits a foreign country or province it is obvious that one will go through a hard time due to the issues like communication problem at work life and daily life. If you enjoy learning language and start learning the native language, you can feel the personality and life style change. As you improve your language skills, you can see your life will be more easy, will get more friends, enjoy the native culture etc.

Personally, I think I got an opportunity to travel the places whose native languages are difficult and different type like Chinese, Korean, Tamil and Bengali. Fortunately I learnt there languages myself and I would like to share my experiences in general about learning a language and in specific about the languages which I learnt. My strategy would not be a typical language teaching course, but would sharing some interesting facts, more logical way of remembering vocabulary and also in usage in various circumstances where I was struck and learnt the language. Important thing I would share is on how I learned the languages. I hope my tips would help you guys.

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PS: The article doesn’t mean I am expert in the language but to share the experiences only.