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Learn Chinese – From this place it needs 5 min- 此处排队还需候大约五分钟

For learning any new language one should keep his eyes and mind open. This article would give you an example of this. While I was in a queue waiting for security check , the sentence in the subject attracted me and I tried to go into the details.

Just thought to share because this giving you chance to learn many new Chinese words and the context 此处排队还需候大约五分钟 This means from this place it needs 5 min to reach the security check.

Below I am sharing give more details about each word, Pinyin and meaning of it

此 – Cǐ -This

处 -chù -Place/ point

排队 -páiduì -to line up

还 -hái -still

需-xū -need / require

候-hòu -to wait

大约-dàyuē – approx.

五分钟-wǔ fēnzhōng – 5 min meaning:

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