Learn Chinese vocabulary – HSK level 1 ( 3/150 ) – 你 (Nǐ)


Today let us learn你 (Nǐ) which is very important to address the person before you while talking to him or her.

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Introduction to the word

你 (Nǐ) : you ( informal way of addressing a person )

Formal way would be您 (Nín ) which will be generally used while addressing someone  politely. Usually to an elderly person or in office to a colleague.

Better way to remember this word is as below

(you, phonetic ) + (heart) politeness = (Nín ) calling a person with politeness

If you want to know more about (heart) , suggest you to my previous post exclusively on this word – Click here

Pronunciation and Stroke order

你 (Nǐ) have a third tone and has 7 strokes as below

stroke order for 你 (Nǐ) have a third tone

您 (Nín ) have a second tone and has got 11 strokes

stroke order for 您 (Nín )

Typing你 (Nǐ) in mobile phone

Check the below video to learn how to type this word in mobile phone and identify the word.

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Example sentences

Example sentences of 你 (Nǐ)

Some further examples

  1. 你结婚了吗?-  nǐ jié hūn le ma  – Are you married ?
  2. 刚才有人找你 – gāng cái yǒu rén zhǎo nǐ – Someone was finding you just now.
  3. 你困吗? – Nǐ kùn ma? – Are you sleepy ?

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