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Learn Chinese vocabulary – HSK level 1 (7/150) -她们– They

Learn Chinese vocabulary - HSK level 1 (7/150) -她们– They

Learn Chinese vocabulary – HSK level 1 (7/150) –她们– They

Today let us learn她们 which means “They”

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Introduction / Pronunciation / Stroke order

她们 have two characters她() + 们 (men )

她() : She

The character has a first tone and has 6 strokes

Stroke order for writing 她(Tā) : She

This character is a combination of two radicals as shown below

们 (men ) : Plural marker of pronouns and nouns referring to individuals

The character has a neutral tone and has 5 strokes as shown below

Stroke order for writing 们 (men )

The character is combination of two radicals

The below picture gives a better way of understanding this character – just visualize a person entering to a door or a gate.

Picture source:

Typing他们using PINYIN “Tāmen”  in mobile phone

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Example sentences

Examples for 她们

You are now following the Chinese language learning series – ” Learn one word at a time“, where one post is dedicated to teaching one word at a time with all related details in the sense – PinYin / Character level meanings/usage in sentences, writing pattern for each character. First series would be HSK level 1 series which has 150 words to learn.

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