Learn to express your feelings and thoughts by learning word combination with 心 - Xīn

We already learnt that the Chinese language is both complicated and also logical. By complicated, I mean that despite the meaning of the individual characters, the complete word may not mean the same. By logical, I mean that a combination of two individual characters will give a right set of meaning after combination.

One example we learn in my earlier article was  Shàng ( 上 )& Xià ( 下 )

In this article, let us learn a new character which comes with many more Chinese characters and gives a meaning which can be guessed to some extent. The character is 心 - Xīn 

The literal meaning of (Xīn) is heart; mind; intention; centre; core;

Whenever we see    with any other Chinese character, the complete meaning of it would be related to heart, mind, intention or centre depends on the context

What is 心 (Xīn)
What is 心 (Xīn)

Learn remembering Chinese characters by mind mapping strategy 

mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mind map is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. It is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of a blank page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added. Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those. Based on my personal experience in learning language, I recommend using mind mapping to remember and comprehend the Chinese language.

Check out below some mind mapping to learn the word combinations using 心 - Xīn 

Mind mapping using 心 - Xīn

How to comprehend and understand these combinations? 

Here are a few examples and illustrations

心里 –  Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and (里, Lǐ, in ) , literal meaning would be in the heart or heart.

心情 –  Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and (请, qíng, situation) , literal meaning would be the situation of the heart or mood

心动- Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and (动, dòng, Move/displace) , literal meaning would be the movements of the heart and actual meaning would be “ heartbeat “

心疼- Combination of Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and 疼, téng hurts / pain literally means hurting the heart, the actual meaning is feeling distressed

心眼 -Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and (眼,yǎn,eyes) , literal meaning heart’s eye, the actual meaning is the intention.

心中- Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and中,zhōng, centre, literal meaning would be the centre of the heart and actual meaning would be “ mind“

心想 – Combination of Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and (想, xiǎng to think ) literally means thinking in heart i.e.  Think to oneself

心地 – Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and (地, dì ground) , literal meaning ground level of heart, i.e  One’s Character

心头- Combination of (心, Xīn, heart)  and头,tóu, Head/top, literal meaning would be at top of the mind, i.e.thoughts/mind

Yes, of course, you also need to learn and remember the second character too but the advantage of mind mapping may be at least one can visualize the word and its combination to get a real understanding and comprehending. This article will be updated with new set of mapping and combination later.

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