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Why it makes you unique if you learn Chinese language?

The first thought that gets in our mind when we think of Chinese is the complex diagrams (actually Chinese characters) which don’t make any sense to any non-natives but it is the mode communication for 1.4 billion people in Mainland China. The language has a legacy of thousands of years and other countries like Singapore and Taiwan also has Chinese as official language. It is said that there are more than 50,000 characters in Chinese language but average educated Chinese know only 4000~5000 Characters and it is sufficient. Interestingly some languages like Japanese have their roots in Chinese and still use Chinese characters in their language.

What are the distinct features of Chinese language compared to other counterparts and how it makes you unique if you learn it?

  • It is a pictorial language where characters give a sense of image of the subject we are talking about, and undoubtedly one of the complex languages in the globe. Personally it gives a sense of achievement if you can talk in medium level of fluency. This capability will make you unique in personal and professional circles.
  • China is regarded as “World’s factory” which produces products of world’s best brands i.e. Apple, Samsung etc. In addition, their mass manufacturing capabilities has helped them sell products at a lower cost and also as per customer quality standards. Knowing Chinese will help you grow professionally which will ease your company communication with China and its trade. Your top management will have special growth opportunities for you if you are fluent in Chinese, in addition to your usual work. After all, multilinguistic people can be better multitasking people.
  • Knowing Chinese will make you add your capability to communicate with 1.4 billion people from mainland China and also other Chinese language speaking countries. It’s one fifth of the world’s population. Awesome! Isn’t it?
  • Moreover Chinese being a complex language, learning it gives a good exercise to your brain. As you go more and more deep into Chinese will give you a sense of concentration which is no less than learning mathematics or science. This makes you psychologically younger.

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