Measure words and Classifiers in Chinese language – Part 2

This is the second part of the list of Classifiers or measure-words are called as 量词 Liàngcí

Just to review the previous article, in standard Mandarin, for example, can be used as

一个 Yīgè 这个 Zhège 那个 Nàgè

The first of these phrases would be 一个人 yí gè rén, where yī (一)means “one”, rén (人)means “person”, and gè (个)is the required classifier.

Hence it is normally necessary to insert an appropriate classifier between the numeral and the noun. Now we are going to talk about the various classifiers and how they have been categorised. Most nouns have one or more classifiers associated with them, often depending on the nature of the things they denote.

There are thousands of Classifiers in the Chinese language, I tried to compile as many as possible which are useful in day to day life which can help one to talk with more nativity and help you win more Chinese friends. Some of them are listed in below screenshots.

Chinese measure words and classifiers

Chinese measure words and classifiers

Chinese measure words and classifiers

Chinese measure words and Classifiers

A complete list of measure words at my Slideshare – Click here

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