Walking through the Dapeng Ancient city, Shenzhen

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This 100,000 sq.m city in Dapeng Shenzhen, is one of the well preserved places of China which was built during Ming Dynasty around 1394 to serve as naval base to counter pirates coming from South China sea. The fort also played an important role during the Opium War fought against the British forces.  The place is so […]

Electric vehicles

What India should do to succeed in “only electric vehicle by 2030” pledge ?

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Picture Source: India’s energy minister, Piyush Goyal, said recently that the country will help facilitate the electric car effort by offering subsidies for a couple of years. No doubt this is an ambitious target but is it achievable ? What electric vehicle industry stake holders must do achieve this goal ? Implementation is not as easy […]


Welcome to my Blog !

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Hello friends ! Thank you for visiting my blog. I am starting this blog to share my experiences in the following Electric vehicles Electrical Engineering Brushless DC Motors design, development and manufacturing Web designing and Social media networking Tips for Learning languages Travel experiences My views on technical, engineering and Industry My experiences in events […]