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Shakuntala devi Vidya Balan

I just watched the movie. When I learnt that there would be a movie going to get released on Shakuntala Devi , I felt so excited and started studying about her. Also we made her life story and her interesting math tricks video –

Today, after much awaited movie got on prime, we watched it. Personally I didn’t much got excited when the movie completed. The movie started with good emphasis on math, portraying her character of being more bold as she was opposing her mom and insisting her mom to resist her father. Not sure her Wheel chaired sister character was really available, there is nothing much showing Shakuntala Devi relationship with her. But shown her sister death lead to her strengthen her character.

As the films goes on, the movie turned from math to emotions. The movie starts showing her relationships and finally settling down to one person and married to him. The movie portrays Shakuntala Devi as a maniac about math and she even destroyed her life due to this. She got divorced with her husband and she didn’t even given a chance to her daughter to meet her father for so many years. Second half of the film showed more of family drama and less of mathematics. There are some instances the director tried to related the context with math but finally not much gluing to the context

In the end, I can see the total perception of Shakuntala Devi changes towards her daughter. Her daughter also changes her perception towards her mother Shakuntala Devi. The film ends with a positive ending where Shakuntala and her daughter reunited.

Overall I am not much excited to watch the movie and didn’t feel like worth waiting for. Thank you

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