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Tour of our balcony garden | Gardening for kids | Plant a tree | Hobbies during COVID

naman uriti mini balcony tour

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Hello friends, during the last few months of COVID lockdown time, most of the kids stayed at the home and having online classes. So I used this time for developing a new hobby which helped me use my time well. we bought some soil, compost, various vegetable, and flower seeds. we sowed them and it was a great time till now enjoying the growth of the plants we sowed, every day watching the plants grow.

plants growing in my balcony are – African Marigold, Ice flower, French marigold, sunflower dwarf, cornflower and vegetables like Bitter guard, french bean, white radish, potato, Chillies, garlic, corn, ladyfinger, Basil or Tulasi, Onion, Spinach plants. Hope you enjoyed my video. please comment below your thoughts and suggestions to improve. If you like the video, please give a thumbs up and share the video with friends and family.

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we bought to build our mini balcony garden which you may be interested to buy

Truphe Gardening Tools Set Kit of 8

TrustBasket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand – 24 inches (Set of 4)

TrustBasket Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure for Plants – 10 KG

First Smart Deal Plastic First Smart Rectangle Pot (Brown, 35 X 18 X 14 Cm, Pack Of 3)

Easy Gardening Plastic Watering Can (5 Liter)

voolex Terrace Gardening HDPE Grow Bags for Vegetable Plants (12×12-inch/30X 30 cm) – Pack of 10 

Varieties of Seeds with Instruction Manual – 1600+ Seeds 

TrustBasket Dotted Oval Railing Planters (Multicolour, Pack of 5)

MahaGro® All Purpose Premium Potting Mix®- with Cocopeat & Organic Fertilizer- 10kg 

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