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Shakuntala Devi

As for numbers, they hate nobody and nobody can afford to hate them – Shakuntala Devi 

In this video, one can learn about some interesting facts about Shakuntala Devi, India’s mathematical prodigy. How she has entered into the Guinness book of world records with her extra-ordinary math talent under fast human computation category. We also stated some specific math problems which were solved by her during the performance and surprised the world. In addition, we also talked about her Astrology talent and also about her books which motivated many kids and transformed them. We have given some inspiring quotes from Shakuntala Devi. At last, we have discussed soon to release Bollywood Biopic acted by Vidhya Balan.

We summarized with important take away for life – Start early in your life working on your passions, focus, concentration and self-belief help one to excel in life.

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About Shakuntala Devi

She was a renowned mathematician from India. She started playing with numbers at the age of 3 and she is famous for her math talent and answering multiplications, n-th roots of large numbers in seconds. She travelled to almost every country in the world to attend various conferences and exhibited her talent globally. She got into Guinness book of the world record after her answering of 26 digit answer for multiplying 2, 13 digit numbers within 28 secs. A Bollywood biopic on Shakuntala Devi is going to release soon acted by Vidya Balan.

Shakuntala Devi was born on Nov 4th, 1939 in Bangalore. She came from a priest brahmin family. Her father Raja Rao was a magician. She was the eldest of 8 children. Her father discovered her ability to memorize numbers in early stage of her life. She started playing with numbers at the age of 3 while I was just learning numbers then. She started mathematics performances from the age of 3 and half. And since then till her last breath she kept spreading the fragrance of mathematics.

At the age of 6, she demonstrated her athematic abilities at the university of Mysore. Infact she did this without any formal education.
According to her, numbers have life. They are not just symbols on paper. She feels that her mathematics strength is God’s gift.
She also played Flute & she believed that Music and mathematics are interrelated. She believes that any artificial intelligence cannot beat human brain.

She travelled to almost every country in the word to demonstrate her athematic talent. In her words, she had spread the message of God through her math performances.

Getting into Guinness book of world records

It was June 18th, 1980, Computer department in Imperial college, London. She was asked to multiply a 13 digit number, 7,686,369,774,870 x with another 13 digit number , 2,465,099,745,779 , and gave a 26 digit answer in just 28 seconds – This event was mentioned in Guinness book of world records.

Some of the problems she solved while her public performances

  • IN 1977, at Southern Methodist university she solved 23rd root of 201 digit, giving the answer 546,372,891 in mere 50 seconds , let me tell you an interesting thing here. The person who wrote the problem took about 4 min to write it on the beard. But she answered in just 50 secs. ( Picture )
  • Calculated Cube root of 95,443,993 as 457 in 2 secs
  • Cube root of 2,37,927,704 as 1334 in 10 sec.
  • 8th root of 20,047,612,936 as 46 in 10 secs

Shakuntala devi was a renowned writer and written many books like In the wonderland of numbers, – It’s about a young girl, Neha, who is very poor in mathematics, but in a series of illusory experiences, she becomes a great mathematician. Figuring the joy of numbers,
Awaken the Genius in your child, puzzles to puzzle you, and more puzzles to puzzle you.

She left this world on 21st April 2013 due to respiratory problems. But her life would always be an inspiration to future generations.
Shakuntala Devi was honored with a google doodle in her remembrance on her 84th birthday

Her advice to young generation will be ever remembered.
Concentrate & focus , Believe in yourself
We kids should take her as inspiration and follow her
Some inspiring quotes of Shakuntala Devi which I found motivating and also help you as well.

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Figuring the Joy of numbers

Book of numbers

More puzzles to puzzle you

Shakuntala Devi (Author, Mental Calculator, Mathematician, Astrologer): A Super woman Popularly Known as the “Human Computer”

Awaken the Genius in Your Child

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