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25 loan words from English used by most of the Chinese speakers !

yoga in chinese

I assume by this time, you already started learning Pinyin. If not, please go through my previous article . Do you know that an average Chinese speaker talks english words in his/her daily life? and interestingly you can’t even identify that they are talking in English. In fact there is a long list of words but I take this opportunity to share few words along with its pinyin so that you can practice it.

  1. Thank you  – 三克油  (Sān kè yóu )
  2. how are you ? – 好啊油 ( Hǎo a yóu  )
  3. Hello – 哈喽- (Hā lóu )
  4. Bus – 巴士- (Bāshì )
  5. Sofa – 沙发 (shā fā)
  6. Sandwich  – 三明治 (sān míng zhì)
  7. Salad -沙拉 (shā lā)
  8. Chocolate -巧克力 (qiǎo kè lì)
  9. Cheese -芝士 (zhī shì)
  10. Sauna – 桑拿 (sāng ná)
  11. Coffee – 咖啡 (kā fēi)
  12. Bye bye – 拜拜 (bāi bāi)
  13. Ampere -安培 (ānpéi )
  14. Dim Sum -点心 (diǎn xīn).
  15. Coolie – 苦力 (kǔ lì)
  16. Typhoon – 台风 (tái fēng)
  17. Yoga – 瑜迦 ( yújiā)
  18. Soda – 苏打 (sūdá )
  19. Motor – 摩托 (mótuō )
  20. Bar – 吧 (bā )
  21. Baby – 宝贝 (Bǎobèi )
  22. Email – 伊妹儿 ( Yī mèi er )
  23. Guitar – 吉他 ( Jítā )
  24. Google – 谷歌 ( Gǔgē )
  25. Camera – 开麦拉 ( Kāi mài lā )

If you observe the above words, there are actually the true pronunciation of english but in a Chinese way. If you use a dictionary, you may not get a true translation of many of the above words, because these words are been used unofficially by many of the Chinese native speakers despite their unavailability in the dictionary.

Being a language learner, it will be very exciting to see Chinese people actually are using English words but after reading this article, probably your perceptions of listening my change.

More articles to come on Learn Chinese !

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