Do you really care about the efficiency of a ceiling fan?

We know a humble ceiling fan unites everyone be it poor or rich. 88% of Indian households own an electric fan. A ceiling fan can be bought by an average Indian with just one month’s savings compared to an air-conditioner or an air cooler.

Some interesting facts and figures about Ceiling fan –

  • The market of Fans estimated at 12000 Crore Indian rupees with 10% year-on-year growth over the decade.
  • India buys 40 million ceiling fans every year
  • Fans account for 25% of the house’s electricity consumption. So if your standard electricity bill adds up to ₹1000, your fans will contribute nearly ₹250. Isn’t is a significant value?
  • To date, only 5% of fans have a star rating for energy efficiency. Do you know why? No one cared.
  • But that’s set to change from the 1st of January 2023. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is putting its foot down. It’s revamping the system. And from now on, ceiling fans will have to display their star ratings
  •  A conventional fan uses something called an induction motor and consumes about 75 W at top speed. But an SE fan is more advanced — it uses something called the brushless direct current (BLDC) motor. And at top speed, it consumes just 35 W of energy.
  • According to B&K research, a household with 4 conventional fans can save ₹6,000 annually if they switch to BLDC fans
  • But the cost is the greatest hurdle. BLDC Ceiling fans cost twice that of conventional induction motor ceiling fans.

Indian consumer, being price sensitive might not be motivated to welcome this new technology to save electricity consumption. Indian consumers always see the upfront cost and not long-term benefits and energy savings.

I think the step taken by the Government of India to mandatorily display their energy efficiency star rating on the product is a good way to start this revolution. This rating doesn’t insist if the brand use Induction motor or BLDC motors. As there is a transformation era between Induction motor fans to BLDC ceiling fans, the government must take necessary steps to properly evaluate the fans before giving the star ratings without giving chance to any misdoings.

What do you think?

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