Technical Paper: Anodised Aluminium Foil Winding Axial Flux Machine for (Quasi-)Direct-Drive Robotic Applications: preliminary design and manufacturing

I have been going through this technical paper with the title “Anodised Aluminium Foil Winding Axial Flux Machine for (Quasi-)Direct-Drive Robotic Applications: preliminary design and manufacturing” – Jordi Van Damme & his team, thank you for sharing the paper. This is my attempt to understand the paper and share my learnings with our peers on Linkedin.

Below are the interesting things, I got to know from this technical paper which might be useful to others :

–>This motor is a Yokeless and segmented motor + Axial flux PMSM + Anodised Al foil

–> Anodised aluminium foil has already been used in other applications like inductors, transformers, electromagnets etc with the below advantages
* Aluminium oxide electrical insulation has a high thermal conductivity
* An inorganic anodized layer allows a higher operating temperature
Aluminium foil anodized via industrial continuous anodization process

–> One critical thing here would be soldering the Aluminium foil with the power electronics circuit copper wire due to the difference in melting temperature

–> We already know that Aluminium has already been used for a long time as a conductor in electric machines due to their attractive properties
* Aluminium is almost 3 times lighter than copper
* Aluminium has a lower price volatility
* Aluminium windings enable increased recyclability of an electric motor
* The use of aluminium in electric motors has a lower impact on the environment compared to copper

The summary of this paper is that using anodised aluminium foils will help give a high fill factor and excellent thermal properties, making it particularly promising for high torque density, and low-speed applications. Personally, I found this very interesting as we have manufacturing & cost advantages if we use aluminium as compared to copper and now I am interested to know how these anodised aluminium foils will be productized and transported from the supplier to the motor manufacturers.

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