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PhotoStory – Dapeng ( 大鹏)Ancient City

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Shenzhen Dapeng Ancient city

Dapeng – 大鹏 ( it is in Longgang district, Shenzhen ) , best way to reach there is use Line 3 of Shenzhen metro and reach CuiZhu ( 翠竹 ) and then take E11 bus to reach near the Dapeng Peninsula. More pics of this place will be shared in coming up articles ! Connect me […]


Walking through the Dapeng Ancient city, Shenzhen

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This 100,000 sq.m city in Dapeng Shenzhen, is one of the well preserved places of China which was built during Ming Dynasty around 1394 to serve as naval base to counter pirates coming from South China sea. The fort also played an important role during the Opium War fought against the British forces.  The place is so […]