How do you we fulfil our dream to have a smart life ?


Who don’t want to lead a smart life ? By smart life it doesn’t mean only to a smart personal life but also about the surroundings like your colony, transportation, city you will live in and the nation you are from. Indian government has identified 100 cities to make them smart and I thought to write my thoughts about the following topics which I think my blog visitors may learn how to be smart by implementing the latest trend in the smart technologies.

  • Smart person – Here I would like to talk some interesting gadgets apps which I find will useful for you in daily life
  • Smart Home – Usually I come across many smart home appliances which help our home to be more safe and secure and hence thought I would like to put together my experiences and review of those products
  • Smart Colony – Colony can be any locality or a residence or company where group of people work or live together. There are any interesting smart life tips which can make one colony smarter then other in terms of lifestyle.
  • Smart Transportation – Transportation is our daily lifestyle and if this is not convenient and this will impact our day. I would like to share my experiences about transportation system in other countries and which can be implemented in India to improve the lifestyle of people
  • Smart City – Indian government just indentified cities which it want to make Smart cities and its a good move. I would like to share my experiences on what it takes to become smart cities in my blog here.
  • Smart Country – Its simple. If all the above “smart” things are successful, country will be successful but lets talk more on it as I post various ideas.

More articles to come !

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