Learn Chinese: HSK Level 1 Vocabulary ( 2/150 ) – 我们 (Wǒmen) – We

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Please make sure before you start, kindly understand the basics of PinYin and tones first and then start this series. Also go through these references periodically to explore the Chinese language.

我们 (Wǒmen) – 2/ 150 HSK Level 1 Vocabulary

The below YouTube video gives you a overall details of the word, along with its PinYin, how to write and the link for the pdf below the video. You can download the pdf and take the print out to do the exercise. Remember to Practice! Practice! Practice!

Download the print version of this ppt and practice – Download here

Meaning: We/ Us / Ourselves / Our

Pronunciation and Stroke order :

我 (wǒ) is pronounced using the third tone. This tone has a falling-rising quality

们 (men ) is a neutral tone



Don’t worry about other words in the below sentences but it is suggested to learn other words simultaneously which will help you build vocabulary

How to e-write this character using mobile phone: 

Please make sure you downloaded Written Chinese or Pleco first before trying this. Based on my experience, I suggest the beginner must start with an electronic way of writing the characters. Basically using dictionary apps and practice until you learn and identify the word. The below video shows on how to type Chinese language PinYin. For more videos like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel – Click here

How to type word ” 我们” on mobile phone – 2/ 150 HSK Level 1 Vocabulary

You are now following the Chinese language learning series – ” Learn one word at a time“, where one post is dedicated to teaching one word at a time with all related details in the sense – PinYin / Character level meanings/usage in sentences, writing pattern for each character. First series would be HSK level 1 series which has 150 words to learn.

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