Opinion / Travel : Cashless payments at Hangzhou east railway station ticket counter

Today I am in Hangzhou, which is been regarded as a Heaven in China for this long weekend due to the new year holiday. While at the railway ticket counter, I see the payments been made without cash. I thought to share my experience on this context of cashless payments in China and also my thoughts of how Government of India should proceed for promoting cashless economy.

As I have stated in my previous article, China has two third party payment platforms Alipay and Wechat.

A railway ticket counter at Hangzhou East railway station
A railway ticket counter at Hangzhou East railway station.

As highlighted in the above picture, there is a scanning machine which can scan any wechat or Alipay personal payment barcode and get paid. The advantages of this kind of payment is as follows

1. Less time of ticket purchase for passengers

2. Opportunity for the utilization of money passenger mobile wallets

3. High productivity for the ticketing employees

4. No issues of cash collection and storage

5. As this initiative is by government and implementation is in government organization, common man will also have the responsibility of using the cashless ways to transact

6. Last and not the least is that whole transacted money is via bank account and hence every penny is accountable which kills the black money

My take : As I have write the previous article – Click here , this is the first step government of India should do and implement the cashless transactions in bus / train stations first and then give some better price for using cash less options. I am sure this will be change the perception of common man using this and will be successful.

Please pardon if any mistakes in sentence construction. This article is written on the road while in Hangzhou Wulin square.

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Note: The article is totally my own thoughts and not necessarily anyone needs to agree with my thoughts and ideas.